Show & Shine

With both inside Show Car spaces and Show Field spaces available theres room for everyone.

Ticket Prices

Get your Tickets before the Closing Date

Show Field

Weekend Tickets £40 per person.(Arrive from 10am)

Single Day Ticket (Sat or Sun) £12 per person (Arrive from 7.30am)

(Driver & All Passengers can purchase these tickets)

General Admission 

Weekend Tickets £47 Per Person (Arrive from 2pm)

Single Day £20 Per Person (Arrive from 9.30am)

Booking fee applies to all tickets booked online. All tickets are Per Person. No Refunds.


Best in Britain

Best in Britain Competition. - Closing date Monday May 13 2022

If your vehicle is an inside show car, in show condition inside and out just send us some photos, we would love to hear from you.  (Pre-1972 Hot Rod, Classic, Retro, Custom or American)


Those chosen will receive an automatic place inside the Show Car Hall.


Once chosen you will be asked to pay for your weekend ticket or book your hotel (and send us your booking confirmation) as a guarantee of your attendance.   (Tickets will be emailed before the show if your opt for a hotel room).


All pre-entered Inside Show cars will receive a refund of your Pre-Paid Ticket Price Driver (& Partner if applicable) .

- Just send us an email and add your photos.


Show Field - Show & Shine

The Show Field is on grass outside the main hall and is open to anyone who has a Hot Rod, Classic, Ratrod, Retro, etc Pre-72 and/or American Vehicle.  


You can come for the day (Sat/Sun Arrive from 7.30am until 5pm) or come for the weekend (2pm Friday to 5pm Sunday) Just purchase your SHOW CAR discounted ticket.


Club Display

We have a number of clubs wanting to show their vehicles together.

Just get in touch and we can arrange this for you.